Welcome to the July issue of Health For Life Ezine

This month I'm going to talk a little bit about moving your current food choices away from foods that don't satisfy you, sustain you or provide you with health for life nutrients to foods that will fuel you, nourish you and help to reduce the snack attack.

Snack Attack

The snack attack is often an issue because the types of foods that many people snack on simply don't sustain and satisfy. This leads to repeated snacking throughout the day bringing with it the additional issues of excess calories and repeated poor nutritional food choices.

It's quite ok to snack, but those snack food choices should contain high quality nutrition just as your main meals should.

Food Addiction

The desire for certain foods, the foods that you say you really enjoy is a result of habits that have been formed over a long period and in some cases the process of addiction comes in to play as well. Yes, food addiction is far more common than you might think.

It will be difficult for you to change the types of foods you eat from processed, pre-prepared food and beverage items to more nutritious choices because you simply may not be used to the flavor and texture of more normal, natural foods.

This phenomenon is clearly evident in the case of children and teenagers who reject a lot of nutritious foods often because they have never...or have seldom had them. If the habit of eating nutrient rich foods has not been formed, and the routine of nutritious meals has often not been learned it is very difficult to move away from poor quality foods that have been cleverly designed to appeal to our desire for sweet and salty flavors to the types of foods that will control weight and maintain health for life.

Breaking Bad Habits

While it is difficult to break habits and addictions, it can be done. The potential pay-off in the case of proper nutrition and your health is huge, so it is well worth persevering until you are free of junk food, and the snack attack no longer drives you crazy every day.

If you are often finding that you are getting hungry between meals and you are regularly snacking on chocolate, confectionery and muffins, then washing it all down with coffee and sodas it is likely that you have formed an eating habit with some degree of addiction.

How can you be sure?

Go without your coffee, sodas, chocolate and muffins for a week.

Can't bare the thought? There's you answer then.

What your body expects from you

Every time you eat or drink something, your body is expecting to be nourished. If your main meals are often lacking in balanced nutrition and your snacks are no better, then what is your body to do? How can you expect to stay well throughout your lifetime?

Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis and Obesity along with many other disease conditions all have nutrition as a vital contributing factor to their development and management. That's why it is so important that you honestly determine whether or not you are eating a healthy balanced diet and consider all those snack foods that you are eating everyday.

If your diet is satisfying and enjoyable with no cravings or snack attack and you consistently eat well balanced and nutritious meals to achieve that, then wouldn't that be ideal? Wouldn't you be happy?

Next time I'll get specific about what kinds of foods and beverages you can start to bring in to your snack times.

Till then, all the best in vibrant health

Kind regards.


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Andrew Large, coronary heart health
Andrew Large has spent in excess of twenty years in the health care industry mostly as part of a Cardiology based diagnostic team. Andrew runs his own website at http://www.coronary-heart-health.com where you can learn more about heart disease, heart health, weight control and nutrition.

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