Financial Freedom and Your Health

Financial Freedom Opens New Doors, Financial Freedom Improves Health
Freedom from
Financial Stress
Improves Quality of Health

Q. Can financial freedom contribute to a favorable stress and health ratio?

A. If you're struggling to make ends meet or you're unhappy in your current vocation then the stress that these situations can cause will likely be impacting your health very negatively.

Not convinced?...

Do you think people just need to toughen up and make the best of what they've got?

Well sure, perseverance and stick-ability are admirable qualities and necessary for long term success in anything, but there are limits to the hardships and difficulties that people can endure without there being some health consequences. Did you know that stress and heart disease are related?

The American Heart Association published this back in 1993.

"Socioeconomic status indicators including education, income, and occupation are associated with coronary heart disease risk factors...and mortality".

"In most industrialized nations, individuals with less education, lower income, and blue collar occupations have the highest coronary heart disease rates"

And this, from the New England Journal of Medicine 2001

"...we found that living in a disadvantaged neighborhood is associated with an increased incidence of coronary heart disease"

Oh, and by the way, it's not just coronary heart disease that poverty and hardship like to keep company with. Many diseases have a hardship-stress component, a component so integral in the disease process that if you could remove it, you would significantly decrease the likelihood of contracting those diseases.

In 2007 Professor Eileen Crimmins at the University of Southern California had this to say about financial status and health.

"We have long known that poor people have worse health....people living at or near the poverty line are almost twice as likely to have very high CRP levels (a biological marker of chronic inflammation)...This may be one of the explanations for why poor people age faster"

A lack of financial freedom, the flexibility to be able to make better life choices can end up redirecting your life in a way that may lead to chronic disease...the stress and health connection.

Think about this.

How would things be for you if you didn't have to worry about where the next dollar was going to come from? Would this positively impact your life and the lives of those who are depending on you?

If you could...

Financial Freedom of Happy Girl Brings Relief and Choices
Financial Freedom
Can Lift Your Burdens
  • Get yourself out of debt
  • Get out of a job that you are not happy in and is making you ill
  • Get away from daily conflict with stressed out work colleagues
  • Be better equipped to provide for yourself and your family...
  • would this positively impact your health and help to change your life direction for the better?

    Wouldn't being in better financial control of your life make all the difference in the world to how you feel and how your body's delicate biochemistry reacts?

    What is Your Current Economic Reality.
    Do You Have a Workable Turn-Around-Plan?

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    Everyone wants to feel healthy, youthful and vibrant - no matter what their age. There's no doubt that having a realistic and adequate financial foundation on which to build your life, a foundation that can support a sound strategy for building financial freedom would significantly help you to achieve many of your goals in life.

    No matter how healthy your diet is, no matter how many high quality supplements you take, how much sleep you get or how physically active you are...if you're financially stressed and the daily grind is grinding you down...your health will still suffer.

    If you know that you fall into this 'stress over money' category, then for the sake of your health please take some time to think about what you are going to do to make some changes to achieve the worthy and important goal of financial freedom without inviting money stress and related health problems into your life.

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