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If a populations 'Fat Gain' and 'Fat Loss' were two boxers slugging it out in the ring...it would be a complete miss-match. Fat Gain would knock out Fat Loss...easily...in the first round! Does it have to be this way though?

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Many industries are involved in the weight loss battle all claiming to have the magic bullet that will make the difference and turn the tide and slim down overweight nations...but the problem continues to grow. Maybe those magic bullets aren't so magic after all!

If you live in a country that has adopted a 'fast life fast food' mentality then your country's overweight and obesity statistics will be causing great concern among those authorities charged with guiding the health of the nation....and being able to achieve fat reduction among the general population is becoming increasingly desirable.

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The reason government health agencies are becoming more and more concerned about this issue is that an overweight and obese population is a very unhealthy population which puts a huge financial strain on an economy and ends up affecting the country's wealth and prosperity...nationally and individually.

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Overweight and obese populations suffer from very high occurrences of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease along with many other disease conditions including joint and mobility disorders such as arthritis

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An estimated 300 million people around the world are classified as obese which equates to a Body Mass Index or BMI above 30...and many more can be added to this total if we factor in those who are classified as overweight...BMI between 25 and 30. In the United States, less than one third of the adult population is classified as being in a healthy weight range. Globally, overweight and obesity levels are projected to continue to rise well into the foreseeable future resulting in severe health consequences in those individuals concerned and dire consequences for those nations affected. Clearly, anything that can significantly impact fat reduction deserves to have the undivided attention of the majority.

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If you stop and think about it, maintaining an ideal weight is a very simple concept. Eat nutritious foods several times daily and exercise your body regularly...preferably everyday. If everybody did this then no one would have to be concerned about fat loss

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What about people who's weight gain is an endocrine or metabolic disorder?

Those health issues are almost always related to improper nutrition and some form of environmental stimulus at some level. Your body's endocrine system and hormones all require nutritional building blocks to operate correctly....every system in your body does.

Consider this...

If your DNA code was perfect and the environment you lived in was pristine...completely toxin free...and you failed to provide your body with the correct nutritional building blocks throughout your life...in time, certain body systems would begin to fail and the process of disease would become evident.

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Dieting for fat loss has become a massive industry driven by equally massive demand in industrialized nations. It has seen many well publicized 'methods' come and go over the years. While many dieting methods may appear to get spectacular results initially...long term, individuals can become disheartened and even worse off as they 'hit the wall'....can't seem to lose any more weight and worse, pack on the pounds that they worked so hard to lose plus additional weight gain to add insult to injury!

The weight gain that I'm talking about here is in the form of fat when it relates to poor diet and very little meaningful exercise. The important point to bear in mind is that weightloss is not the true goal that you should be aiming for as such but rather fat loss and it's replacement with lean muscle.

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Low this and low that:

The problem with many fat loss methods is what I call the low this and low that mentality. You must understand that your body strives to operate in a balanced state. If you start to remove nutrients from your diet that are actually important building blocks for your health...then somewhere down the road there is going to be a pay off...and it won't be good.

Now I know you've probably seen pictures of celebrities that look fantastic after their personal trainer and nutritionist have designed them a special plan to slim down and tone up...sometimes this 'new celebrity weight loss method' can become the next big thing for everybody to start doing....but remember if any fat loss plan involves withholding or disproportionately reducing vital nutritional components in order to achieve the goal and that perfect body shape....I advise you to move very fast in the opposite direction!

What about well known fat loss methods...are they helpful?

Optimal health for life and your ideal weight is all about a balanced approach to diet and lifestyle in general. Focusing on a single category of nutrition to facilitate fat loss may not be balanced or healthy...in the long term

Low Fat Diet

Currently, health authorities are telling us to eat a low fat diet.

Cardiac societies across the globe all endorse the low fat eating principal...so that means this must be the correct thing to do right?

The endorsement of the low fat principal by Cardiologists has much to do with the findings of the Framingham heart study and a desire to keep the message simple to encourage compliance in the general population. It started to become popular in the 1980's. However, in the united states where the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiologists have considerable influence the nation has been getting steadily more and more overweight in spite of the very well publicized low fat message and the abundant consumption of approved low fat food items.

What about the low carbohydrate diet?

The low carb diet principal has been around for a long time...since the mid 1800's!

Carbohydrates form a very important part of a balanced diet. Driving your carbohydrates to the wall might help you to lose weight fast, but staying at your goal weight will be a continual battle...because you are essentially starving yourself of important nutrition and your body doesn't want you to starve....so, your body will start to fight against you...slowing down or preventing further weight loss....even at zero carb intake!

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The Atkins diet is a category of low carb diet and emphasizes the inclusion of large amounts of protein and fat. Some people have certainly had dramatic early success in terms of fat loss with the Atkins system. While protein and certain fats are important food groups that contain essential nutrients, a healthy body and an optimal weight is all about balance.

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What about the low calorie diet?

This idea has been around since the 1930's. All you have to do is keep your total daily calories within certain predetermined limits...exercise to prevent excess fat storage and you should lose weight and maintain your goal. It seems logical enough.

So is there a problem with this? There are some very well known businesses that use this principal with their clients and market some impressive success stories.

Remember it's all about balance! Eating balanced amounts of foods that are highly nutritious and eliminating foods that are of no value to you at all. The idea that you can eat what ever you like...even if it is nutritionally empty...and still lose weight seems like the wrong emphasis to me.

What about the healthy, balanced nutritious diet?

Now that's a novel idea!

There is a field of nutritional science called Paleolithic nutrition. Now I know that the term Paleolithic is an evolutionary scientific term and some people hold that field of scientific endeavor to be completely true while others do not...I don't intend to discuss that here. However what is interesting is that regardless of the historical time period involved, the science of Paleolithic nutrition tells us that our distant ancestors were genetically the same as we are today.

So what...?

We may be genetically the same as our distant ancestors but...no surprises here...our diets are now radically different to theirs.They also got considerably more exercise than we do, were more toned and muscular than we are and they didn't suffer from the plethora of lifestyle related diseases such as coronary heart disease as we do today. Here's an interesting quote from a nutritionist by the name of Jean Bogert in 1939.

"The machine age has had the effect of forcing upon the peoples of the industrial nations the most gigantic human feeding experiment ever attempted."

Our days are no longer spent finding food for survival but rather in the pursuit of wealth creation, recreation and happiness...all nice things to have and experience...however, on a daily basis most of us continually eat foods that we were never designed to eat...we seldom exercise...and we are now paying the price

Is there a fat loss and weight control solution?

Yes...Balance....of the right kind of foods...in combination with regular exercise.

The right kind of foods are part of a system I recommend that people follow. This system follows the glycemic index diet principle and is an excellent way for you to begin sustainable fat loss.

So what is so great about low glycemic foods?

The reason is simple. If you follow a properly designed glycemic index dieting system then you will be eating foods that are far more in line with what your distant ancestors would have eaten. All you need to do is add the exercise component. It's simple, balanced and it works. Best of all, you wont be depriving yourself of essential nutrition to stay in shape. Click here to read more Now...>>

If you are concerned about fat loss ...don't despair. There are steps you can take now that will help you reduce your body's fat composition, improve your lean muscle mass, maintain your heart health...and keep you that way.

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