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    Healthy Heart Special Offers

    Having a healthy heart and a healthy body is possible if you take action with these four key steps...

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    Learn About Coronary Heart Health

    At Coronary Heart Health we provide you with the information you want to know about coronary artery disease and emphasize your optimal health for a long and vibrant life!

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    Healthy Heart Stories

    Heart Disease, Heart Treatment and Healthy Heart stories contributed by the global on-line community. Share your story today!

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    What are Glyconutrients?

    If you had to pick a cornerstone that underpins all your daily nutritional choices, what would that be? Have you considered the part Glyconutrients play? Why are they so important?

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    Good Outcome with Atrial Fibrillation

    In 2007, I had undergone a triple bypass and had a mitrovalve prolapse corrected, but had experienced no other problems until this past March, when I

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    Beating Heart Bypass Surgery

    Beating heart bypass...heart surgery performed on a moving heart is an innovative procedure. How is it possible to operate effectively on a beating heart?

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    Does vitamin C deficiency increase lifestyle-associated vascular disease progression?

    A growing body of literature supports a specific role for vitamin C in a number of reactions associated with vascular function and control

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    Combination of Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin B6 May Reduce Risk for Heart Disease

    A controlled study examining plasma levels of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin B6 in 134 coronary patients and healthy controls found that coenzyme Q10 and vitamin B-6 may inhibit coronary artery disease

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    Heart Health Benefits of Walnuts

    The heart health benefits of walnuts may be linked to different parts of the nuts acting on different physiological functions, says new data in the Journal of Nutrition.

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    Atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease

    Can someone with apparently normal heart arteries suffer a heart attack? What causes Atherosclerosis to develop regardless of age?

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    Causes of Coronary Heart Disease

    What is fueling this modern society epidemic that can affect young and old alike? Learn about common causes of coronary heart disease along with some you may not have considered.

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    Pfizer-Funded Study Falsely Claims Fish Oil Useless

    By: Heidi Stevenson

    A study claiming that fish oil provides no benefit in heart disease is being hyped as the final word on the issue. But is it? No, it is not. In fact, the study is absurdly blatant pseudo science, with two errors so glaring it's hard to believe they were made. Why do the researchers do it? Why do they care so little about the truth and your health? Read More....

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    Statins: Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

    Well known drugs to lower cholesterol levels are called Statins. They work quickly but are they safe or necessary? What is their mechanism of action and what potential side effects could they produce?

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    Aspirin: Origins Benefits Dangers

    Have you ever suffered from a headache or back pain? What about your risk of developing Coronary Heart Disease? Chances are you have used or are using Aspirin. Learn more, including alternatives

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    Arteriosclerosis is characterized by a loss of flexibility and hardening in the wall of an arterial blood vessel

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    What is Antiplatelet Therapy?

    Antiplatelet Therapy can be as simple as taking Aspirin. In more complex situations advanced drugs can be used to interfere with the Blood clotting process. This could save your life. Find out more.

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    What are Antioxidants?

    Not sure about antioxidants? You've heard the term but you're not 100% certain what they are all about or even if you need them? Follow this simple to understand explanation.

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    Health Supplements

    Can you improve your heart health with heart health supplements? Are they even necessary or is a balanced diet sufficient?

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    Dangerous Abdominal Fat

    All accumulated excess body fat is unhealthy but abdominal fat is particulary dangerous.

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    What is High Blood Pressure?

    Thirty percent of adults have high blood pressure! Left unchecked, elevated blood pressure is dangerous. Invest in your future simply by understanding hypertension then acting on that knowledge.

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    Superfoods are gaining wide acceptance among health conscious consumers. What are these foods and which ones should you add to your daily diet?

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    Coronary Heart Health, Risks Symptoms Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease

    Don't leave Your Heart Health to chance. learn what you should be doing to avoid or improve Your management of this modern day lifestyle plague Coronary Heart Disease.

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    Heart Drugs

    Pharmaceutical drugs are not good for you like high quality nutrition is but they are sometimes very necessary. Certain heart drugs may sometimes be prescribed for particular heart disease categories

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    Heart Bypass Surgery

    Heart bypass surgery is a surgical treatment option for coronary artery disease symptoms, diseased heart valves or congenital heart abnormalities

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    Fat Loss for Optimal Health

    Being overweight or obese puts you at greatly increased risk of developing Heart Disease. Understanding the issues relating to weight gain and fat loss are essential for you to claim Optimal Health.

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    Exercise and High Blood Pressure

    Should you exercise with high blood pressure? Can exercise help to lower your high blood pressure or help to keep your normal BP that way? Exercise and high blood pressure discussed.

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    Understanding Your Cholesterol Results

    Confused by your cholesterol lab results? Not sure what all the numbers mean? Being able to understand your cholesterol results can help you better manage your cholesterol level.

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    chia seeds healthy superfood

    Superfoods are an important addition to your daily diet in todays modern world. Chia seeds are packed with nutrition including healthy omegas, are low GI and are a healthy heart food.

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    Understanding Your Blood Pressure Results

    Do you know what your average healthy blood pressure should be for your age? How about those numbers? Can you understand your blood pressure results?

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    Anticoagulants for Your Protection

    Anticoagulants help to protect you against blood clotting and may have been prescribed to you because you have had an operation or you are at risk of developing a dangerous blood clot. Learn more

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    Angina Drugs

    What are some common Angina Drugs and how can they help you manage your angina symptoms?

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    ACE Inhibitors and Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers

    Has your Doctor prescribed ACE Inhibitors or an alternative drug called an ARB to you? Quickly understand what they do plus a few side affects you should watch out for.

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    Watermelon extract shows blood pressure benefits: Human data

    Daily supplements of a watermelon extract may help reduce moderately elevated blood pressure in obese middle-aged adults, suggests a new study.

    'Breakthrough' study supports Pycnogenol's vascular benefits

    Daily supplements of an extract from French Maritime Pine bark may boost vascular health in people with stable coronary artery disease, according to data from a gold standard randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study from Switzerland.

    Vitamin C shows exercise benefits: Human data

    Daily supplements of vitamin C may decrease heart rate during exercise and reduce the perception of fatigue and exertion, suggests new data.

    Omega-3s may lower heart failure risk by 15%: Meta-analysis

    Increased intakes of omega-3s and higher blood levels of the fatty acids are associated with a 15% decrease in the risk of heart failure, says a new meta-analysis.

    Olive Oil Lowers Mortality by One Quarter and Heart Disease by Almost Half

    Study participants whose olive oil intake ranked in the top quarter had a 26 percent lower risk of dying of any cause and a 44 percent lower risk of dying from heart disease compared to those who did not consume olive oil. The risk of mortality from causes other than cancer or heart disease was reduced by 38 percent for those whose olive oil intake was greate

    (from Natural News.com)

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    Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease

    Atherosclerosis plays a significant role in the development of coronary heart disease but there is more going on than the accumulation of fatty deposits that leads to blocked arteries

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    Plant Nutrients For Health

    Plant Nutrients play an essential role in keeping you well, but are you getting enough to maintain your health?

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    Free Health For life Ezine

    How much can you really achieve in life without optimal health? If you want to develeop to your full potential then you need more than just to feel ok right now. You need optimal health for life.

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    Essential Fitness Tips

    Try including essential key fitness tips into your daily routine to help keep you in shape through out your lifetime.

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    Simply, What is Heart Disease?

    De mystify confusing terms and definitions. What is Heart Disease? Quickly get up to speed and improve your understanding of the world's number one killer disease.

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    Rutin flavonoids lower blood clot risk to help prevent stroke and heart attack

    Dr. Robert Flaumenhaft, an investigator in the Division of Hemostasis and Thrombosis at BIDMC and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School commented "It's not always fully appreciated that the majority of Americans will die as the result of a blood clot in either their heart or their brain.... approximately half of all morbidity and mortality in the United States can be attributed to heart attack or stroke." Any natural compound that is shown to prevent blood clot formation can significantly lower vascular-related mortality.

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    B vitamins may reduce stroke risk

    Supplements of B vitamins may reduce the risk of stroke by about 12%, according to a new meta-analysis published in Clinical Nutrition.

    Antioxidant-rich tomato paste shows cardio benefits

    Two weeks of supplementing the diet with a tomato paste may improve the function of blood vessels in healthy adults, says a new study from Greece.

    Study links calcium supplements to doubling of heart attack risk

    Researchers have warned that calcium supplements should be ‘taken with caution’ after new findings suggested consumption of the supplements could double the risk of heart attack incidence.

    Selenium + CoQ10 supplements may slash cardiovascular mortality

    Long-term supplementation with a combination of selenium and co-enzyme Q10 may decrease cardiovascular mortality by about 6%, according to a new study from Sweden with 'results that cannot be ignored'.

    Optimal vitamin D linked to lower heart disease death

    People with the metabolic syndrome may be at a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease if they have optimal vitamin D levels, suggests new data from Europe.