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"If you're concerned about your Heart Health or your health in general, then you've most definitely come to the right place"

Hi there, my name is Andrew Large and I'm the owner and director of the Coronary-Heart-Health business and website.

I'm glad you stopped by...thanks for taking the time to visit.

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I can recall as a young boy my parents reading me a story about a heart surgeon performing life saving heart bypass surgery. You may think that a story about a surgical procedure sounds a little bit too gruesome to be read to a young boy...but I didn't mind...in fact I was enthralled and very wide eyed!

From this early beginning I developed an interest in biological science as I grew up and carried this through into my formative educational years.

In my early adult life I trained as a Medical Radiation Technologist and spent over twenty years working in health care, fifteen in heart health (cardiac care) delivery...Yes, I have seen a thing or two when it comes to sickness and ill health.

I've been an integral team member in both Radiology and Cardiology based procedures and have personally been involved in countless coronary angiography procedures along with interpreting and officially reporting for patient's medical notes over three thousand coronary angiogram studies - these are moving pictures of coronary arteries filled with X-ray dye - a very specific way of detecting and identifying narrowed areas in heart arteries.

Along with my medical based science training I also developed a strong interest in keeping healthy and fitness.

The more I researched and learned about these subjects the more I came to realize that many of the answers to preventing and minimizing the devastating effects of many chronic diseases...including coronary heart disease lay in a commitment to achieving optimal health over ones entire lifetime.

At Coronary-Heart-Health, we desire that everyone has the opportunity to come to understand that lifestyle choices, physical, psychological and environmental factors along with genetic predisposition all work together to either give you vibrant...or impaired health.

We want you to have vibrant health...the kind that people who live in the Blue Zones enjoy. Regardless of whether you are simply concerned about heart disease or you currently suffer from it, we believe that there are many choices you can make to greatly increase your chances of a long and healthy life.

When I chose to operate Coronary-Heart-Health as an e-Business, the freedom and flexibility of being able to run my business from anywhere in the world with internet access or simply from my private residence...along with zero commuting time and the elimination of traditional staffing and management structures significantly influenced my decision to take the e-Business route.

The vehicle I chose to achieve my end goal...a successful e-Business was SBI ...also known as Site Build It!. The guys at SBI are incredible...they've got all the bases covered. I mention SBI simply because your Health is of primary concern to us here at Coronary-Heart-Health...If there is anything you can do to de-stress, simplify and improve your life for the better then we are all for it and we want you to know about it.

This website focuses on issues that we know are important to you, your heart health and your health in general. It is being updated regularly...so bookmark us and subscribe to site updates using the orange RSS feed button on any of the websites pages.

Don't forget to opt in for the free periodical e-Zine Optimal Health For Life so that you can stay current with keeping yourself in top condition!

If you have a specific question, please feel free to use the website contact page to send it in...We'd love to hear from you!

I genuinely hope that you find this website to be very helpful and beneficial.

Best regards

Andrew Large

Coronary Heart Health

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