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Health Supplements
"If you're healthy and you eat a balanced diet you shouldn't need health supplements".

I'm sure you've heard this before...right? Is this good advice? have you ever asked yourself the question "do I really need supplements"? Can supplements, often collectively referred to as vitamin supplements be of any assistance to someone who is well and wants to maintain their heart health? What about someone who is coping with health difficulties
in their life?

let's think about this for a moment....
There are two key points to consider. The first point is "If you're healthy"

The second is "If you eat a balanced diet"
let's begin by looking at the first point.

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1. How do you know if you are healthy?

Is being healthy simply the absence of any obvious symptoms of disease?

We know for example that some cancers can take between five and thirty years to 'reveal themselves'. All that time an individual has felt healthy and normal. There had been no indication of any disease process until symptoms appeared. This is also the same with coronary heart disease as it develops over the course of a lifetime.

Does this mean that an individual was healthy all that time even though they felt well?

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By the time we start to get symptoms of the common cold or influenza our immune system has been trying to overcome the invaders for several days. Symptoms in the case of a cold or flu are an indication of the battle being lost albeit temporarily by your immune system.

You would have been completely unaware that you were about to get the flu...the battle...going on under your 'radar'.

When the invading virus was multiplying in your body without your knowledge..and you felt fine...were you healthy?

We really need to redefine the way we use the term 'healthy'...

Now let's look at the second point...

2. Do you eat a balanced diet?

What about a balanced diet? Do you know anyone that actually eats a daily balanced diet...really?

Most people believe that they eat a balanced diet. Just ask'll see what I mean.

Admitting that we might not be looking after our health properly...or that we might not know how to achieve optimal health without assistance does not come easily to most of us. That's understandable I guess...we all like being independent and the prevailing wisdom is that our body will automatically maintain our health without too much input from us...on minuscule amounts of nutrients.

That view point sounds all nice-and-easy...but where do the gravely concerning and simply appalling health statistics of most 'developed' countries fit into that argument?

The pay-off of finding out how to maintain and achieve optimal health is significant...if you don't have your health, you don't really have anything.

Often our idea of what a balanced diet should look like comes from watching television commercials or reading an article or two in the newspaper.

Did you know that balanced nutritional dietary requirements as endorsed by most government agencies around the world actually differ in the daily quantities of natural staple foods we require for our health according to what country you happen to live in.

Exactly which balanced diet is it we are meant to be following that will supposedly supply us with all the daily nutrients we need to stay healthy-and-well, negating the need for food supplementation?

Which Government agency guidelines should we all be following...those of your country or those of mine...or indeed any of them?

Eating a balanced diet in our modern society takes some commitment and discipline....and to be truthful may now be actually impossible.

I am talking about feeding your body several times daily all of the essential nutrients it needs to function optimally, everyday for your entire life.

I have found that I am unable to manage that kind of dietary commitment..and as much as I try...there are gaps in my nutrition in any given day.

Ideally, Health supplements should contain readily bio-available nutrients that your body can absorb and utilize the same way that nutrients from your food are absorbed and utilized..... In fact, Nutrients in health supplements should be the same types of nutrients that you should be getting in a high quality diet everyday

If you are unsure as to whether you should be supplementing your diet with optimal health supplements then consider the following two key points.

1. Are staple foods becoming nutrient deficient thereby warranting the supplementation of important nutrients?

several recent studies conducted by food scientists and nutritionists, growers and plant breeders in the united states found clear evidence that producing larger fruits and vegetables and larger yields of produce, diminishes the vitamins, minerals and Phytonutrient compounds significantly along with the taste and aroma.

They also concluded that similar high yield commercial growing techniques will have a similar nutrient loss regardless of the country the produce is grown in.

2. Are the nutrients in health supplements bio-available? Does your body recognize those nutrients as food the same as it would if those nutrients were in their original setting?

Yes it is absolutely possible using high quality manufacturing methods along with real food nutrients, not synthetics, not ground up rocks for minerals, not petro-chemical derived vitamins, but real food...from plants... in a supplement and of course strict quality control to produce a health supplement product with an acceptable shelf life that contains fully bio-available ingredients - ingredients that your body will recognize and be able to use.

If the idea of important nutrients being locked up in a powder, tablet or capsule seems odd to you, just think about bulk supplies of whole-wheat flour, whole-grains, dried beans and lentils. These staple foods can hold on to their nutritional value for a long time. Why should this not be possible in the manufacture of health supplements?

The bio-availability of a product is entirely dependent on the quality of the science behind that product along with stringent manufacturing standards.

My recommendation is to use key health supplements in your diet on a daily basis to assist your body in maintaining optimal health.

If you already have coronary heart disease or you feel that you are at risk of developing it then there are some specific heart health supplements that you could add to your diet - over and above those that are important for the general population - these will assist you with your daily nutrient requirements.

Because we know that poor nutritional choices and heart disease are linked, it makes sense to ensure that you always meet your daily nutritional requirements

Daily supplement categories that you should consider including for your Coronary Heart Health and Health in general:

Glyconutrients - including Fucoidans from Undaria Pinnatifida

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Antioxidant formula - fully synergistic and serum ORAC tested

Vitamin Mineral and Phytochemical support - all natural and plant sourced ingredients

Probiotic support - to assist with proper GI tract environment and nutrient absorption

Omega 3 - essential fatty acids.

Additionally, a product supplying some of the following nutrients in combination may be of assistance. Vitamin C, E, B6 and magnesium

*L-Arginine Garlic Bulb extract,Taurine,Grape seed extract


*Some research has shown that L-Arginine in large doses is not recommended for use at the time of or directly following an acute myocardial infarction (Heart Attack).

Supplements are not Pharmaceuticals

Do not think about supplements as you would *pharmaceutical drugs.

If your supplements come in tablet or capsule form, it might feel like you are taking a pharmaceutical but you are actually taking some food nutrients in pill form.

Most supplements can and should be taken with your meals..this will really help you to understand what it is you are trying to through proper nutrition.

High quality health supplements are designed to put you back on a nutritional level playing fill the gap between what you need and what you are actually getting

If your body gets what it needs nutritionally...and you minimize your risk factors for disease, you will dramatically increase your chances of staying well.

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*For your safety and effective disease management, you must stay on your current medication regardless of the quality of your nutritional intake until directed to do otherwise by your health care professional.

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