Healthy Smoothies for Weight Control
and Optimal Health

Healthy smoothies, which many "weight watchers" might like to call weight loss smoothies or weight loss shakes can be a fantastic way of supplementing your daily nutritional requirements.

I am a little reluctant to use the term "weight loss" because some people can become quite obsessed with their weight in a very unnatural and sometimes dangerous way. I always recommend that people follow balanced and healthy eating in association with regular physical exercise, stress reduction and adequate sleep to help them achieve and maintain their ideal body size.

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It is unfortunately very, very common for people's eating patterns to be haphazard and nutritionally deficient these days. The stresses and demands of modern life have made the purchase of ready made meals and the preparation of quick and easy dishes almost a requirement, especially if you're driven by schedules and you have virtually no down-time.

If you habitually live this way your health will suffer because your body will not be getting the required nutritional building blocks that are necessary for your protection and repair mechanisms to operate effectively.

Andrew's Healthy Blueberry Smoothie


One scoop of *Andrew's recommended meal replacement mix. This blend is nutritionally balanced, non genetically modified or Non-GMO and Low Glycemic

1/4 cup of natural unsweetened yoghurt

1/4 cup of organic fresh or frozen blueberries

200 mls (7 oz) of lightly chilled filtered water or low carbohydrate milk


Place liquid in a blender or plastic jug if using a blending stick

Add meal replacement mix

Add unsweetened yoghurt and Blueberries

Blend until smooth and creamy

Serve immediately

Quite simply, without balanced regular, daily nutrition you will get sick...and I'm not just talking about the Flu or the common cold here. Many well known diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis and depression each have nutritional deficiencies as part of the disease process.

Poor nutrition often leads to weight gain and excess body fat accumulation. People often resort to fad diets to combat the effects of years of poor food choices, but this is a dangerous strategy...effectively starving yourself of vital nutrients. Fad diets can cause your body a great deal of stress.

Healthy smoothies can come to your rescue here

If you are really tightly scheduled and pushed for time then simply eating something...anything...just to stop you feeling hungry is not the way to go. You always need optimal just needs to taste good so that you always enjoy eating and drinking...but get the health benefits to go with it.

Healthy smoothies should form part of a 'body system' for those who have a busy and demanding lifestyle. Your body system should include a range of key nutritional supplement types to help make up for your nutrient short fall as a result of a less than ideal diet.

I talk quite extensively...across two chapters about these key supplements in my eBook

The Fundamentals of Fat loss and Weight Control

Ideally, you do need to feed yourself high quality plant derived nutrients two to three times a day...everyday. Plants contain essential nutrients that enable your body to operate at its peak level and also keep you well.

Your healthy smoothies should contain No artificial fact meal replacement drinks should not be particularly sweet at all. High sugar or carbohydrate content in your smoothies will interfere with your 'fat burning mechanism' and this is why I always recommended a low glycemic meal replacement blend.

If your meal replacement blend is optimally balanced then you could use this as a snack or main meal up to twice daily as part of your weight management program.

Used to proper effect, healthy smoothies, that are nutritionally balanced can help your body build lean muscle and burn fat...which is just what you want if you're trying to achieve an ideal body size.

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