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The maintenance of a healthy weight...your very own particular ideal weight is now more important than ever in the light of national and global over-weight and obesity statistics which are sky-rocketing out of control.

Fat loss has become a major growth industry and weight loss products are in huge demand as consumers look for something that will help them in their struggle to maintain a healthy body composition for life. My new book "The Fundamentals of Fat Loss and Weight Control" has been written to address the concerning and growing trend of global obesity and will help you to clearly understand what you can do about your own personal situation, or perhaps enable you to help someone else that you know to achieve and maintain their own ideal weight.

The Fundamentals of Fat Loss and Weight Control is uniquely different from the plethora of weight loss books on the market. As well as being practical, readable, personal and genuinely concerned about you getting real and lasting results, it takes you through eighteen weight control keys that if properly understood by you and fully integrated into your daily life will enable you to move towards a healthy body composition in a safe and balanced way. In The Fundamentals of Fat Loss and Weight Control you'll find key weight control issues such as

  • the snack attack
  • physical activity
  • dietary fat and Calories
  • the role of carbohydrates
  • alcohol consumption
  • stress
  • the role of health supplements and weight loss products
  • essential dietary advice...

  • Plus much more...all presented in a very accessible style. Additionally, "The Fundamentals" takes a look at some common reasons that you will likely experience weight loss plateau's as you journey towards your goal of your ideal weight.

    This book is perfect for both men's weight loss and women's weight loss issues and will help you to get your head in the 'right-space' so that you can make informed and healthy choices that will positively impact your body image.

    Nowadays, keeping healthy and maintaining your optimal weight is becoming increasingly difficult.

    Why not let The Fundamentals of Fat Loss and Weight Control give you the edge and the advantage you really deserve.

    Healthy Weight...Healthy You...Healthy Life!

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