Lifestyle Disease


A lifestyle disease is classified as any type of disease process that results from certain lifestyle factors. Commonly those factors will be those that are freely chosen by the individual such as unhealthy food, smoking, drinking too much alcohol and getting very little physical exercise.

While bad food and too little exercise are certainly major contributing factors to lifestyle disease in the twenty first century, there are other factors that can also severely impact your health such as water pollution, air pollution and soil contamination.

Unfortunately you have very little choice over whether or not you are exposed to such contaminants in your environment, regardless of where you choose to live. Environmental pollution has been found in both the north and south poles, weather patterns and ocean currents having transported pollutants far and wide.

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A poor diet consisting of a high level of manufactured food as opposed to nutrient rich plant based foods and regular exposure to environmental toxicity, as well as daily psychological stress can cause high levels of oxidative stress to be active in your body on a daily basis.

Oxidative stress, with its associated high levels of disease causing free radical molecules can wreak havoc within the delicate cellular structure of your body.

Serious diseases such as Heart Disease and Cancer are known to be caused by oxidative stress which on the outside becomes evident as premature aging. Premature aging of course is occurring inside your body as well and exhibits itself as chronic disease development.

Many chronic disease types such as those already mentioned are certainly occurring at earlier ages than in previous generations and many experts believe that the effects of oxidative stress and free radicals are having a significant effect.

You can certainly adjust your lifestyle to avoid or drastically reduce your chances of acquiring a lifestyle related disease.

Certain foods that are known to be protective foods or superfoods can help to slow the aging process and provide you with important antioxidants to help you neutralize any excessive oxidative stress that may be occurring in your body.

At the very least, a properly balanced diet that is rich in antioxidants can help you to maintain a more youthful and smooth skin and assist you to achieve that 'staying young' appearance for much longer. It is far more than simply genetics at work that can make one fifty year old appear far older than another. A group of young people all at age fifteen will appear to look the same age, but take that same group at age fifty and the relative appearance will vary widely.

Don't let chronic lifestyle disease age you prematurely, diminish your enjoyment of life or curtail your lifespan. Take steps today to eat better, sleep better, exercise more and include certain key supplements to bridge your nutritional deficit...after all, it's your life that's at stake.

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