Dangerous Abdominal Fat


Abdominal fat or central obesity is without doubt the most dangerous location on your body to have an excess of body fat.

belly fat is dangerous because it produces inflammatory molecules that end up in your blood stream and increase the risk of you developing diabetes and heart disease.

The inflammation processes that are facilitated by body fat are subtle or unnoticeable to the individual but can have profound negative health consequences if allowed to continue unabated.

It is certainly in your best interest to pursue a diet and lifestyle that helps you maintain a healthy body fat to lean muscle ratio and move away from pro-inflammatory food and beverages.

Note here that I said healthy body fat. Although you will have a specific ideal body weight that is right for you, it isn't your weight...a number on a scale that is as important here. What is important is your body size and ultimately the dress or trousers that you can wear comfortably.

Indeed, if you have a healthy level of fat on your body with a good amount of lean muscle, you might be surprised that your weight will be more than what you'd expect. This is because muscle weighs more than fat. However, a healthy level of body fat will have you at your ideal body size and looking fantastic in...and out of your clothes! If you have more abdominal body fat than you'd like to have or you know is healthy for you then there are some steps you can take to get that under control no matter what your current size is.

There's no two ways about it, Diet and daily physical activity certainly top the list when beginning a program to reduce your abdominal fat. Your body is a physical biological "machine" which takes in fuel to power you and nutrition to rebuild you and keep you well. If you are taking in bad fuel then you'll end up with bad health consequences.

Likewise with physical activity, your body has been designed to move, be flexible and strong. Unfortunately most people have sedentary occupations and often their leisure time is also lacking in meaningful physical movement.

Over time, these two issues frequently combine and add up to a general accumulation of body fat which is often seen most prominently as abdominal fat and of course on the hips, buttocks and thighs.

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Can weight loss supplements help you to get a head-start with fat loss and help you maintain it? Yes, but be careful. Not all of these types of 'solutions' fit into the category of best weight loss products. In fact the emphasis should be on achieving and maintaining your lean muscle to fat ratio, not dangerous or unrealistic weight reduction.

I recommend that you get my free Lose Fat and Get Lean special report which discusses the fat loss issue in a little more detail and also introduces you to an exciting scientifically validated and clinically proven product that will safely stop your body from behaving like a fat producing machine while gently promoting a healthy normal appetite...as opposed to one that's totally out of control!

You don't have to be held captive by stubborn body fat. There are real and achievable steps that you can take to address this issue and get healthy and lean.

make today the day that you take your first steps to end your dangerous relationship with abdominal fat.

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