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Medical Tourism
in Costa Rica

Medical tourism in Costa Rica is a well established industry catering to the specific health requirements of foreign visitors, many of them from the United States and Canada, preferring the reduced flight times as compared to other destinations and the very favorable treatment costs that Costa Rica can offer.

Medical tourism, where individuals engage in the practice of medical travel for the purpose of undergoing a procedure that is either prohibitively expensive or unavailable in their own country is a rapidly growing industry.

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Beautiful Costa Rica

Visitors to Costa Rica can enjoy a temperate climate, coastal and inland beauty...around one quarter of the country is covered in conservation and protected territory with abundant wildlife...and of course very friendly people.

Nicoya, in the north western part of Costa Rica is fortunate to be included as one of the "Blue Zones". Blue zones are geographical locations around the world where the inhabitants routinely live very long, active, healthy lives.

Costa Rica has an environment of political stability and is considered safe for tourists including families with young children to visit.

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Wide Range of Available Procedures

While Latin American countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica are well known as providers of high quality cosmetic surgery procedures, plastic surgery is only one of the the services that medical tourism in Costa Rica can provide.

Heart surgery, including Coronary Artery Bypass Graft attachment, Angioplasty and Stent implantation, Orthopedic surgical procedures including Hip surgery and Knee replacement along with Gastric Bypass and Dental work are routinely offered to medical tourists.

World Class Hospital Standards

San Jose, the capital and largest city of Costa Rica is the center for Costa Rica medical tourism and three key San Jose hospitals provide the quality in healthcare that medical tourists demand.

Hospital standards at San Jose CIMA Hospital, Hospital Clinica Biblica and Hospital La Catolica all comply with international hospital accreditation requirements. The Standard used by these three hospitals is the JCI standard or Joint Commission International.

Don't Forget Your Insurance Cover

Even though hospital standards are high and well maintained, the very nature of medical and surgical procedures carry a certain degree of risk and as such all potential medical travelers are strongly advised to purchase comprehensive medical coverage before they travel.

This recommendation is regardless of the destination. These types of insurance policies are made available to medical tourists and travel companions by some certified international insurance companies.

Highly Trained medical Staff

Medical staff in Costa Rica have been trained to a high standard, with a significant majority of Doctors having completed post graduate training in either Europe or the United States.

Additionally, Dentists, Physicians and Surgeons practicing in Costa Rica are required to have current professional liability insurance and any malpractice claims that may arise can be initiated via Costa Rica's legal system.

Treatment Costs Represent Excellent Value

One of the key reasons that people travel for medical care is to take advantage of better value and cost structure while not having to compromise on the standard of care. The cost of medical treatments in Costa Rica will not disappoint and is substantially lower than what an equivalent procedure might cost in the United States...for example;

Heart Bypass Surgery in the USA could cost you Up to $130,000 depending on your location but in Costa Rica it will cost you approximately $24,000...a significant saving of approximately 80%

Angioplasty Up to $57,000 in the USA but in Costa Rica the price is $9,000...a saving of over 80%

Hip Replacement Up to $43,000 in the USA but in Costa Rica a mere $12,000...a saving of just over 70%

Breast Augmentation between 5 and $8,000 in the USA but in Costa Rica about $3,000...a saving of just over 60%

Facelift between 7 and $9,000 in the USA but in Costa Rica it will cost you about $5,000...a saving of just over 40%

Example pricing ranges are shown in US dollars and are published
as an approximate guide only. Actual pricing may vary.

Easy Travel From North America

Medical travelers who decide to proceed with medical tourism in Costa Rica can expect to communicate freely in English with medical staff and will not need to spend long and uncomfortable hours on a plane. Flight times are very reasonable from North America.

A flight from New York City to San Jose in Costa Rica will take about 4.5hrs while from Los Angeles it will take you about 5.5hrs.

If you are considering having a medical procedure or affordable surgery performed in a foreign country, then definitely put Health Care Costa Rica on your short list of possible health care providers.

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