Weighing Yourself to Monitor
Your fat Loss

Managing Your Weight

Weighing yourself is the gold standard method that you should be using to check whether you are maintaining a healthy body composition also known as your fat to lean muscle ratio...right?

Actually No! That's completely wrong.

The bathroom scales have been used for decades and often approached with fear and trepidation as the weary dieter places one foot followed by the other onto the platform.

The scale display rocks backwards and forwards holding the dieter in suspense for a very long second or two before finally settling on that magic number and answering that supposedly all important question...am I overweight? Here's my recommendation

If you don't have any bathroom scales, then don't buy any...if you already do then only use them rarely.

I guess you're thinking surely this can't be right?...read on...

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Here's a question for you...

What kind of body do you want?

Now, you are stuck with your body, and being unique is actually a good thing...but what do you really want your body to look like...ideally?

If you are concerned that you are carrying too much weight, then I'd like to suggest to you that it is your body composition that you are probably concerned with...that is, how much lean muscle your body is composed of versus how much fat.

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The problem with weighing yourself is that the scales cannot discern your body composition nor can they tell you what a healthy body composition is. Weighing yourself simply tells you what your body weighs...your...

  • skeleton
  • muscle
  • fat
  • tissue of your body organs
  • food in your GI tract and...
  • water
  • As a point of interest, water comprises about 50 to 70 percent of body weight in humans...higher in males than females. Drinking fresh water regularly throughout the day is important for your health...but it will add to your weight!

    But wait a minute, water is not 'fattening'. No that's correct it's not, but it is heavy. This is simply another point to take into consideration if you insist on weighing yourself regularly.

    Diets that claim to reduce your weight in a matter of days usually center around the elimination of water from your body. This may not be healthy and I advise caution. A crash diet of any description will not deliver you balanced nutrition and long term optimal health

    The main issue with populations in most industrialized nations that have overweight and obesity issues is the high percentage of body fat the majority of the population is carrying...and the health issues this can lead to.

    Remember that question I asked you about what you would ideally like your body to look like?

    I'm sure the answer is lean and firm...regardless of whether you are a male or a female. I doubt your answer is a particular weight or an imagined number on a scale.

    Your ideal picture of a lean and firm body is related to size...am I right?

    In this case, size does matter.

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    If you are trying to control weight or obesity, do not become obsessed with how much you weigh on the scale but rather your size and composition of body fat to lean muscle ratio.

    Still not convinced?

    Here's an important scientific fact...

    Muscle weighs three times more than fat does per inch or centimeter

    You want more lean muscle and less excess fat on your body don't you?

    So you commence a programme of correct eating and physical activity to achieve your goal.

    What's going to happen to your weight?

    It won't reduce a great deal* and may well increase as it does in the case of bodybuilders.

    Why does this happen?

    Muscle weighs more than fat...plain and simple...and...

    The more muscle mass your body has, the more efficient your body will be at burning fat which will help to keep those areas on your body under control that tend to expand more than they should. Fat takes up more space per unit of weight than lean muscle does. That's why 'six pack abs' are flat and the 'beer belly' isn't in similar sized people!

    Here are the two most important body composition factors in order of importance :

  • percentage of body fat

  • the number of inches or centimeters certain target areas (waist, hips, thighs etc..) are above the normal range for someone of your height and body type
  • How heavy you are is the third and least important point... but I don't really want to list it as a specific point because I don't want you to emphasize it. Don't become concerned with weighing yourself, throw away your scale or at least only use it rarely...grab a measuring tape instead and measure key areas of your body on a weekly basis. Begin to adopt a low GI eating plan...it's easy, balanced nutritious and...it works...and...don't forget regular, enjoyable physical activity.

    Learn more about fitness tips! Fitness Tips

    *With respect to people who's BMI puts them in the clinically obese range, their weight will be excessive with respect to their height and body type (shape). Clearly, some weight reduction is required to achieve an ideal body composition. However the lean muscle to fat ratio should still be the main focus.

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