Boosting Your Immune System


Boosting your immune system is becoming more and more desirable in the face of modern lifestyle factors that increase your exposure to dangerous levels of toxicity and disease causing agents.

What are these factors?

  • Stress, including emotional and physical
  • Widespread Nutritional deficiencies
  • Infections e.g new influenza strains
  • Toxic agents e.g synthetic chemicals

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    There are in excess of 80 primary immune system deficiency diseases that are recognized by the World Health Organization...that's a considerable number of disease processes that are a direct result of weak immune system activity.

    I'm sure you agree that it would be wise to include immune system boosters in your daily diet.'re not sure?

    Well, according to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Undernutrition...or simply malnutrition due to insufficient intake of energy, macronutrients and micronutrients impairs the immune system and suppresses your immune system function leaving you poorly protected and vulnerable to disease. strengthening immune system activity or boosting your immune system can also be enhanced with regular, moderate physical activity and stress reduction. While these two factors are important, your daily food intake is of vital importance.

    Your body uses vital natural chemicals from plant nutrients to defend you, protect you, repair you and rebuild cannot have immune system protection without an ideal intake of healthy nutrients.

    Most people are not completely honest with themselves when they are evaluating the quality of their diet. I guess that's understandable, we all hope we're doing the right thing...enough to stay well for a lifetime...but unfortunately, disease statistics tell another story.

    Diets associated with health and longevity and therefore a healthy immune system mostly consist of

  • Daily fresh vegetables and some fruit
  • Healthy Omega 3 fats
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fresh clean water
  • It isn't as common as you might think for people to eat abundant amounts of fresh vegetables on a daily basis...yet this is where a significant amount of health providing nutrients that can assist in boosting the immune system actually come from.

    If you are concerned about boosting your immune system then I recommend daily supplementation with certain key nutrients to help bridge the gap that will almost certainly exist in your daily diet.

    My list of key immune system boosters consists of

  • Glyconutrients - vital plant based healthy sugars

  • Colostrum -Certified prime colostrum with Lactoferrin and Beta Glucan

  • Antioxidants - Serum ORAC tested synergistic blend

  • Vitamins and Minerals - Plant based origin

  • Probiotics - GI tract support. Over 70% of your Immune system components reside in your GI tract.

  • Omega 3 fats - Fish oil origin for optimal absorption

  • Don't forget adequate amounts of sunshine to help you make vitamin D. Ten minutes in the sun without sunblock and not through window glass.The filtration effects of sunblock lotion and glass will prevent your skin from making this vital nutrient.

    Vitamin D...not a vitamin at all but rather classed as a hormone is absolutely vital for proper immune system function. If you're working inside most days and the winters are long and cold then it is very likely that you will have an inadequate blood level of Vitamin D.

    If you can't get ten minutes of good sun exposure a day on a good portion of your body then consider supplementing with vitamin D3...the natural form of the vitamin.

    If you take a daily amount of 1000 international units you will not be doing any harm at all. Sun exposure will net you 25 - 50,000 international units!

    Having a healthy immune system is pretty much where the 'rubber meets the road' in terms of your best insurance policy against chronic disease and Boosting your immune system is a wise daily investment in your health.

    Yes! I want a healthy immune system and I want it to stay that way for life.

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