Plant Nutrients For Health


Did you know that plant nutrients, sometimes referred to as phytonutrients play an essential role in keeping you well?

Populations all over the planet use plant foods to maintain their health from day to day and year to year through-out their entire lives.

Many people in more affluent nations have unfortunately become less and less reliant on natural plant based foods over recent decades and now we live in an age when many children and young people simply don't include fresh fruit and vegetables in their daily diets at all...yes shocking as that may sound it is now very common.

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Important plant nutrients provide the essential raw materials for your body to

  • Defend itself from invading organisms
  • Protect itself from harmful synthetic molecules and damaging particles such as radiation
  • Repair itself after damage has occurred and
  • Regenerate on-going natural process of cellular renewal that attempts to keep your body in a constant state of 'newness' (clearly this process slows down as you age)
  • Notice that I didn't mention fuel to give you energy in the above list. Nutritious food has a far more important role to perform in your body than simply topping up your fuel tank...of course this is important also, but not at the expense of rapid aging and chronic disease development such as heart disease. Healthy vegetables and fruits contain at least three broad categories of nutrients that are of vital importance to you. These are vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients including glyconutrients.

    Vitamins can function in your body as hormones, for example vitamin D and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E. They are also involved in many chemical reactions in your body as cofactor molecules that act as catalysts in important chemical processes.

    Certain vitamins can be used to boost immune system function such as Vitamin A, B complex, C, D and E. Vitamins in vegetables and fruits can certainly benefit your health significantly if you can consume sufficient amounts on a regular basis.

    Minerals act as catalysts (make a process happen) for biological and electrical reactions within the body such as muscle response and hormone production for example.

    There is a problem though...

    It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to get all the plant nutrients that they need from their food alone.

    Why is this so?

  • Air and water pollution effecting the quality and safety of produce
  • Use of harmful pesticides to maximize crop yields
  • Soil Nutrient depletion due to reduction or elimination of crop rotation
  • Green harvesting of produce to get it to market before it ripens
  • Gas ripening to give the appearance of freshness
  • Increased distance to market as a result of commercial pressures
  • In fact nutrient loss in vegetables and fruits have been tracked across several decades to the present day in such countries as USA, Canada and United Kingdom. Alarmingly this data shows substantial nutrient depletion across a wide range of produce within that time frame.

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    Our planet is no longer a completely natural biosphere. In reality, it is at war with itself...partly natural versus partly synthetic. Don't believe me?

    Did you know that since the 1930's in excess of 75,000 toxic, synthetic chemicals have been released into the environment and circulated around the globe both strategically via the process of trading and accidentally via global weather patterns.

    Staying well for your entire life by regularly consuming plant nutrients is no longer a simple, automatic and natural process. In fact I advise daily supplementation with a real food supplement to ensure that you are obtaining all the plant based nutrients that your body requires to keep you healthy for your entire life.

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